what is work 4key on nokia 925

  • No dial pad numbers on Nokia 925

    Wow.  i'm glad I'm not the only one unable to locate a way to lodge a new post (so I'll have to use this reply as well).  At the risk of offending people in here i have to say that this would be the worst forum interface I've ever seen.  What sort of

  • Nokia 925 adding contacts

    I am new to the nokia 925 and new to smartphones - actually purchased the nokia for it's call quality and the gps - seems to do both very well - anyway is there a way on my pc perhaps through either my nokia or microsoft accounts which I have set up

  • What is Work Folders?

    I was reading the information about the BI Contents especially for the Financial.   One part that got my attention and it is Work Folders.  I don't have a clue what is Work Folders.  I found it in Fund Management BI Content.Hi Glenn, Those are just w

  • What RAM works with KT3 Ultra (Orig) ????

    Hey there, SORRY BIGDADDY.  Come to find out a new board did not fix the prob I am having probs with the OS. Not only that but several other programs don't work like burning software, drivers, and the new DX won't even install right.  I figured NEW C

  • What do you think about Nokia N91

    please disadvantage of using nokia N 91Dude that is biased. Every main model suffered from duration, longer lastin etc. The N95 suffered,well The N73 ME less suffers then N73. The N91 8 GB suffers much more less than N91. I have had N91 for a year, a

  • Want to change broken back glass on 4S. What screwdriver works?

    Hi Dropped my iPhone 4S (16gb) and broke the back glass. Ordered a replacement from Canada that came with 3 small screwdrivers. None seems to work. I believe my Model No is A1387, at least the A and 87 are clearly legible. What screwdriver works and

  • I used All Recorder on Windows, exclusively to record streaming radio programs.  What would work similarly well on Mac?  Audacity?

         I used All Recorder on Windows, exclusively to record streaming radio programs.  What would work similarly well on Mac?  Audacity?You have various options, depending on your needs and the source you want to record, for instance, - Audio Hijack P

  • My nano SIM works in my Nokia mobile phone but "No SIM" when in my iPad mini

    I've been around the support loop a few times with varying levels of success, here is my story. Basically I expect to only occasionally require mobile data services so would like to move my nano SIM from my Nokia mobile phone to the iPad mini as and

  • N97 Firmware Update - What's Working!

    I've installed the firmware update v11.0.021 dated 15-06-2009. Here a brief report on what I've found working so far on a black Euro model which I'm using on the Optus network in Australia. 1) Long key press now working to select a number on virtual

  • What drivers work for the R400 Lan Adapter drivers under XP?

    I installed a new copy of XP today, but I can't get figure out the network adapter. I downloaded the latest chipset drivers which say they include XP, but no luck. Also downloaded the Intel nework adapter driver but it says no intel adapters were fou

  • Nokia store client is not working on my nokia 603

    a few days ago nokia store client was working properly, there was no problem with client. But suddenly it stoped working and is unable to display any page from the nokia store. It is not displaying applications page and when I try to give feed back o

  • What apps work on apple tv

    What apps will work on Apple TV?  I know HBO2GO, but any other good ones?None work on it. Are you asking what will Airplay to it?Read other 2 answers

  • No color in Theme working in my Nokia Lumia 720

    I got solution of my problem in this forum as my lumia 720 was dead since last night so I am writing again into this forum. Pone home screen is displaying only black color instead of my selection of any color from the Theme seeting and facebook app p

  • What case works with the dock

    Hey, I'm looknig for a case that will work with the dock. Are there any out there? I really like using the dock to sync my phone and I'm not happy loosing that feature in order to use a case. I'm already aware that the iSee case will not work with th

  • What printer works wirelessly with a Nexus7 Tablet?

    What doew my Nexus7 work with?  It is a wireless product.  I noe have a Pixma MG5220 that works great.  Will my Nexus work with the MG5220?Hello golfer212. If your tablet is Android based, you may be able to print by using our Easy PhotoPrint App.  T

  • What are required components for Nokia Configurati...

    i still have the same problem after install NCT 4.0 : "Engine failed to load required component, check logs" OS : Windows XP SP2 / Framework 2.0 1 - i don't find any information on nokia website about these components 2 - where is this log ? not

  • What would you rate the nokia X3-02

    Hey everyone, I'm thinking about buying a Nokia X3-02 and I would like some advice, ratings and tips that could help me out. What colour do you think is best for the nokia X3-02? Thanks.I have had a white "unicorn"  X3-02 for a while now. I have


      I know all of you have something you would change/add to your phone. I would add a flash light app that comes included in the basic software. I am sick and tiered of someone pulling out a sonyericson and lighting up the darkness with their stupid f

  • Google Maps still not working in My NOKIA 701 (Bel...

    Dear sir      I am one of the loyal costumer of NOKIA. I have NOKIA 701. I update my new software which is belle FP 2           but also Google maps doesn't work in my mobile   here are some information of my product           SW Version  113.010.150

  • I use XPSP2. I use FF 3.6.22 because of Roboform. I'm reluctant to update FF because I don't know what will work with XP XP2 (won't be using XP3). Which FF ve

    Roboform lied to me when I purchased it, promising that I would receive all updates AND upgrades "for life." Then they apparently colluded with FF to turn that into a lie, because they didn't grandfather-in the customers to whom they made this p