twitter apps on my nokia E72 device

  • Twitter App for Nokia E72 ?

    Hello, Is there a Twitter App for Nokia E72 ? If not does Ovi has any supportable App ? Any inputs will help. Thanks VenksGravity is by far the best I've had the opportunity to use. It's not free, but it's well worth the small amount of money it cost

  • Nokia Asha 303 conflicting Twitter app

    my Twitter app cant run, it shows me conflicting app. I need your help i love twitter.Did you install anthing recently? Or did you change a lot in the file system? In many cases, conflicting-app-error indicates a broken file system. Only the Nokia So

  • Great softwares available for Nokia E72

    Hi All,      I have got Nokia e72 phone which i bought 2 weeks back. Finally I found many nice softwares for my phone. Go to the site , set your phone model and everything on the site will be compatible with your phone. many freeares.

  • Free sat nav on Nokia E72 for life

    I have the Nokia E72 which apparently comes with free sat nav for life. However, I cannot get this to work and the manual is not helpful in any shape or form......Any ideas as to how I activate this free device ??????Hi GillRogers OvI Maps applicatio

  • Nokia Ovi Suite sinc Nokia E72

    My Op. System: Windows 7 64 bits SP1; My Phone: Nokia E72; My Nokia Ovi Suite problem: Error code 8393f00a (since yesterday; before yesterday sinc good).8393f00a is a timeout error. Please, try to restart your device.Read other 2 answers

  • Please I need help with my twitter app on 9800

    I updated the twitter app on my 9800 and since then I've not been able to access it. The icon does not show on the homepage and that makes it inaccessible. I've restarted my phone a lot of time but till no avail... Would appreciate if someone could g

  • Updating my Nokia E72 (RM530)

    Hello everyone. I saw a few threads saying there is new version out for nokia e72 ( But for some unknown reason I can't install it or even see it in nsu. Can anyone help me?am unable to update my phone. I bought my white E72 in Finland in sum

  • Nokia E72 - Set up Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo accoun...

    I bought my E72 3 days ago and the first impression i got was disappointing. The first action you do when switching on E72 for the first time is to set up your email accounts. Remember, E72 is Nokia's top email phone!!! I chose hotmail. I enter my em

  • I got Error code '11111' when I download any apps, such as Facebook app or Twitter app. What should I do? Thanks..

    I got error code 11111 when I download any apps, such as facebook or twitter app from iTunes in my Mac or windows PC. What should I do? Thanks,,,Add one more disgruntled user to the list.  First noticed that I couldn't download upgrades on my iPhone.

  • Twitter app issue on BB 9780

    Hi ! Since the time I've downloaded the latest version of twitter I.e. Ver on my BB9780. The app doesn't work at all. When I click on the app their is no response. I've tried reinstalling it multiple time with similar results. Can you guys h

  • Deleted Twitter app is appearing again in Mac App Store Updates

    I have already deleted the twitter app from my mac but still mac app store shows that I have an update pending for twitter app. Frustrated I downloaded the update & installed it on my mac. But when I removed the app, appstore again shows it in update

  • I recently updated the twitter app but now the icon is gone.

    I am using a iphone 4s with iOS 7.0.4 I recently went updated my twitter app to 6.0 and when it was finished updating my icon disapeaed completly. I tried going to the app store to re-install but where the install botton should be it just says open a

  • Twitter apps suddenly bring me back to main screen when in use

    I am currently facing a problem with my iphone. Whenever I am using twitter apps, be it twwetdeck, echofon, or twitter for iphone..the phone would sometimes bring me back to my main screen when the apps are in use. Does anyone of you have suggestions

  • Nokia e72 email with low battery

    Hi i have a nokia e72 with two mail boxes. I want to have the mailboxes always connected, but i cant find the option to stays connected with low battery. In my previous phone (nokia e71) i have this option, any help? tanksHi XPTO, Welcome to the Noki

  • Unable to Download Twitter App

    When I try to buy the twitter app, it gives me some other ID other than my own's and when I put in my ID and enter it says: We could not complete your request. There was an error in the App Store. Please try again later. (4) And then when I click OK

  • Animated GIF in twitter app on Z30 not displayed

    When using the Blackberry twitter app and click on a tweet with an animated gif all I get is a blank screen. This used to work but just recently stopped. Any suggestions?yes I have, also checked the time zone, just to be sure ;-) it just happened sud

  • Nokia n85 and nokia e72

    can anyone tell me which phone is better  between nokia  n85 and nokia e72 .Which is better depends on which features you use the most and whether you prefer qwerty or T9. Perhaps read the specifications and reviews of both and see which best suits y

  • Twitter app is not displaying in DataTransferManager List

    Hi,    I have integrated DataTransferManager in my universal application , i can see other app even facebook but not Twitter, what i am missing?  Here is my code snippet         protected override void OnNavigatedTo(NavigationEventArgs e)            

  • How can i download activex control on my nokia e72

    i want to download activex control for my nokia e72 to view my ip address pls recomend me how to download itActive X is a Microsoft program. It will not work on the Symbian system. If I have helped you with your problem in some way, please take a lit

  • User statistics for twitter apps?

    I'm looking for download statistics for twitter apps, or preferably user statistics for how many people uses the iphone for reading or writing twitter status messages on a daily basis. Any ideas on where I can start looking?You need to check other de