• Themes for Nokia 5200

    Hello. Tell me please, were i can find themes for Nokia 5200. 128x160. Thanx. From the beginning 2 tha end Loosers lose, Winners win...You can get themes for your NOKIA 5200 on you need to make and acount on it (its easy to set ur acco

  • C3 Theme on Asha 200 ?

    Hello, I use Nokia C3 theme for my nokia asha 200 but fluently I have a problem with colors of themes. For exemple, at the loadind screen: color:​0164801.jpg   there are two black lines whereas normal

  • Theme Corrupted - Nokia 6303

    I appreciate this may have been answered before but all the question seem to relate to download themes. My problem is a little different. After receiving a text from a friend (one of many that day) my phone seemed to power down as I opened the text.

  • Creating Themes to Nokia 6500 Slide

    hello. Am looking for an PC applikation to make my own Themes for my Phone. sens Nokia dont have eny on there site i wonder if enyone have eny tips for me in what to use. ? Cheers ---- Owner of Nokia 6500 Slide ---- Solved! Go to Solution.Nokia does

  • How to remove Midnight theme in Nokia C6-01

    Today, when I connected to Nokia OVI Suite, it prompted me to update the phone software. I did it. After that, midnight theme is applied. I dint like it. How to remove this theme ? Please help me. I have tried to find a solution in google search but

  • How to transfer themes to Nokia E90?

    Okay.. so I gave up! I've tried so many ways to transfer the themes I downloaded from internet to my cellphone and none ever worked! Everytime I try it says "contact application suppliers". So.. does any of you have an idea on how to solve this

  • Free themes for nokia n95 8GB.

    Can any tell the websites form where i can download free themes for my cell.Tell me any useful websites regarding this.Thanks.BEST POST E V E RRead other 20 answers

  • Theme Problem in Nokia C1-01

    Dear friends, I installed a new clock theme in Nokia C1-01, but after applying the theme the default big sized Time display in the home screen covers half of the screen, please help me with how to remove it??? how to remove the Big sized Time display

  • Nokia E71 - some serious issues, and Nokia doesn't...

    Well, I have owned the Nokia E71 for some weeks now, and while I must say that hardware, design, keyboard and display of this phone are well engineered, when it comes to software, there are many serious show-stopper bugs in many very basic applicatio

  • How to Delte Genre in Nokia N81?

    Hi all. I just bought a Nokia N81 and after putting some songs into it and then deleting them from Nokia, I noticed that in the GENRE section in the phone, the Genre of music have not been deleted. I tried everything but nothing works. they are still

  • Rogers no longer update Nokia N8

    Hello, For Canadians, Rogers the carrier no longer updates the N8 - it stopped at Anna. So I can't get Belle unless I flash it myself. The Pureview 808 is not being carried by Rogers, nor is the N9. Lumia phones that do not support Windows 8 - not in

  • ChoiceGroup Option Fontsize on Nokia

    Can you change them on nokia phones, or does nokia not support j2me properly? I'm running with something like this: Font fnt = Font.getFont(Font.FACE_SYSTEM, Font.STYLE_PLAIN, Font.SIZE_SMALL); cgASDF.setFont(0, fnt); I don't really care about the fi

  • N73 Themes

    Can someone please help me by telling me what format themes my nokia takes, where to find some and how to install it. When I try it tells me .sis file not compatible. ThanksIt's compatible with SIS files too as well as sisx. Check out the themes sect

  • Nokia x6 tutorials needed .

    Hi there First of all . i want to run the internet via wireless connection on my handset , but after i connect to my connection , and open  , it tells me "No getaway reply" second thing is , i need to apply themes to my mobilephone t

  • Nokia 701 Symbian Belle Widget problem

    when i see previews of themes on nokia store, there are some widgets that i don't have on my Nokia 701 (latest software update)...for example the (3G On/Off) widget and some others too, is there any place where i can get these widgets ? Solved! Go to

  • Headset Recommendation, Nokia Replacement or Nokia...

    Hi guys, This lack of support and accessories is really making impossible to keep my Nokia products alive. I recently lost my original Nokia 808 headset and I have been struggling with Amazon to find a compatible headset with mic! I already tried 3 t

  • Nokia 701 firmware: 113.10.1506 hebrew support

    Hi, Does anyone can tell me which version of firmware 113.10.1506 have hebrew keyboard support included? I'm currently stuck on 111.020.0307.c00.01 with language pack 08.01. I want to have the Belle FP... Thankshi mate, Nokia Care is the only locatio

  • Nokia 5800 - 'Mail for Exchange' and 'Nokia mail'....

    Ok may be a silly question but while looking through my 'installed apps' on my 5800, since i was thinking of 'clearing some stuff out' to make that little bit more memory on the phone (Currently I'm ~ 3/4 full) I noticed that although MOST of them (g

  • No firmware upgrade for Nokia 5800 in India

    I havn't received any Message regarding the firmware upgrade fr Nokia 5800 XM phone. Even i have visted, no info has been found yet. Kindly advice updating to new firmware depends on product code which represents your region of purcha

  • Request for adding Sindhi Language for Nokia Mobil...

    I am Creative Graphic Designer and have pointed out many omitted features for Adobe's products like InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator, I have remained on top position in top ten participants of Features' forum page in 2011 now am on second position