static ip address via dyn-dns

  • Applying Static Ip Address to server

    Could some please help I have been working on this since last friday. I have a bt business line which they have given me 5 static IP addresses I have a Netgear Modem Router DGND3700 and a Airport Extreme which I bought last friday. On my Netgear bt s

  • How to setup a static ip address and DNS on airport extreme using the iOS Airport Utility?

    I am at a location that only has wired ethernet.  The ethernet connection has a specific  Static IP address, subnet, gateway, and DNS setting.  I cannot seem to find how to enter DNS settings using the Apple Utility on an iPad. HELP!!!First, I am ass

  • Cant connect Solaris 10 with internet with a static ip address

    Hi, Guys: I just installed a Solaris 10 on a PC on my company's network. The box can get an IP address from my company's DHCP server if I use "ifconfig skge0 dhcp", and it can connect to Internet without any problem. I can ping the gateway route

  • Static IP Address / Xbox360

    Hi all, I've been told it is best to assign a Static IP iaddress to my XBOX because my XBOX fails when running the connection test at IP address everytime.  I have 2 computers and one XBOX360 running directly to the wireless router via ethernet cable

  • Change to a static IPv4 address and lost IPv6 - SMC D3G and Airport Extreme

    I hope someone can help sort out my IPv6 problem. We have a business Internet account with the SMC D3G-CCR gateway and Apple Airport Extreme (the new tall model). While using dynamic addresses and letting the SMC gateway handle DHCP (Airport Extreme

  • Using Time Capsule with a static IP address

    Does anyone have a link to a document with specific instructions to set up the TC with a static IP address? My ISP uses static IP only. I have no problem configuring a Linksys router but with TC it's not obvious where to plug in the info. Can't ping

  • Unable to access internet when static IP address is configured

    Hi I am facing the problem for not getting the internet in AD Server(DC) if configured with static IP address. If we set DHCP it will connect to internet. When I check the IPCONFIG on DHCP settings its showing the external address of the ISP router.

  • Static IP Address disappear.

    Hi, Static IP address disappear when the laptop poweroff and when turn on again.   But on standby, hibernation or restarting the laptop the static address is still present.   Only when powering off the whole ip, subnet, gateway and dns are gone.   Di

  • WRT54GS: without Windows, force a given MAC address to always get the same IP address via DHCP?

    I have just now set up my WRT54GS to manage my home wireless network, and it works great. I just have one question that I haven't been able to find an answer for (forgive me if I have overlooked an obvious source of information). I have set up the WR

  • Why can't I use wifi on my time capsule after putting in a static ip address

    We were assigned a static ip address, but when I enter it in the time capsule, wifi stops working. What's going on?So do any computers get internet now? Where have you put the static IP.. ? Please post a few screenshots. If this is your public IP jus

  • Setting up Static IP addresses

    In the FAQ entry for setting up static IP addresses, it says to set the "Preferred DNS server" to: Currently, mine is set to: with an Alternate DNS Server of: Now, I'm wondering, does the Prefered DNS [i]have[

  • Static ip address

    Hey, i need help with a static ip address setup on a linksys E1200 wireless router. i want to use the ip address i want to use this address because it was the default address of my minecraft server, but, however, has changed after the

  • Do I Have To Have A Static IP Address?

    I am in the very early planning stages of creating a Server based network for my business. I have several issues which can be solved using a server. As a photographer I keep beating my HD space and will wind up with a RAID system like a Drobo FS. Ano

  • How to Assign Static IP address to iPad?

    I have been having a problem with the wifi connection on my iPad. After much research online, I have narrowed it down to an ip address lease renewal bug. The iPad drops connection when the ip address lease expires. The suggested fix is to assign a st

  • Setting up static IP address for my D110

    I'm trying to setup a static IP address for my printer.  I'm able to access the printer and get into the Embedded Web Server.  After I change the settings and click apply, I get an error message that says: An error has occurred. (wipv4Page-400)Click

  • Change to a "static" IP address impact time capsule backup?

    It just hit me that another thing I've done since my last backup is change from the DHCP (?) IP assigning to a static IP address. Also set up some "port forwarding" for a few sites. Could that be why time capsule is now forever "preparing?&

  • I am not receiving emails from a static IP address becasue icloud server thinks its spam when it isn't

    I am not receiving emails only from on preson. they get a message bumped back to them indicating that there is a DHCP block from there static IP address. What I gather is the icloud server thinks these emails are spam coming from the IP address so it

  • Assigning static port address

    Hello All, We are having a standalone BOE server. I have a doubt about assigning static port addresses to servers. We had a standard deployment of BusinessObjects 4.0 SP2. Our admin has assigned static request port address to APS, CMS, FRS, Crystal r

  • How to Configure a Blackfin Static IP Address

    I've read that the Blackfin lwip stack wants a DHCP server to assign it an IPaddress. I've proven that this works for me using a BF537 EZ-Kit. Now I'd like to configure an application with a static IP address so I can use a crossover cable between a

  • Hyper-V Gen 2 Windows Server 2012 R2 VM cannot define static IP address

    Hi, I have setup a physical server with Windows Server 2012 R2. It has only the Hyper-V role installed. The physical server has two NICs that I have teamed with Hyper-V port as the load balancer. I have created 1 VM on this Hyper-V server that is a G