pc soan car audeio driaf model ct4810

  • I need drivers sound card model ct4810 chipset ct5880-

    please, i dont found model:ct480 chipset:ct5880-dcq s/n:m48003370062 for windows 2000 sorry for my english thanks <SPAN class=time_text> Message Edited by elaprendiz on 02-07-2006 09:26 PMlooked if your card listed on device manager --> sound, mu

  • How do i pare my iPhone 6 to my car?

    How do I pare my iphone6 to my car?The exact details vary by the car's make, model, year and options. On the iPhone side it is done in Settings > Bluetooth. On the car side you may want to check your user manual, check with your dealer, do an online

  • Anyone have a good car solution?

    I tried the supposedly "Works with iPhone" Monster iCarPlay cassette adapter, but it buzzes loudly with that annoying GSM stutter. So it's unsuitable as a car adapter. Setting my iPhone to airplane mode removes the loud buzzing, but then I can't

  • Unable to create JAXBContext

    I'm using Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse and WLS 10.3.3. I'm trying to write a web service to do a simple Oracle database query using JDBC and then return the results. I'm attempting to return the result in an array. Each element of the array con

  • Ok i give up on this.

    i have 2 simple tables 1 - cars id     make     model 1     toyota     corolla 2 - car_images rel_car_id     image 1                    front.jpg 1                    back.jpg i need a 1 line query with the images all in 1 field (comma seperated) eg

  • If you have an imac g3 PLEASE read this......

    Hi! I would like to ask all the imac G3 users if they are using a g3 just because they are saving or wating to get a better computer like a macbook or imac g5 or somthing, or are we just content with what we have, or do we just not care what the mode

  • Bind a new view object to same adf table at run time

    Hello, I have an adf table, that changes based on the type of data the user selects. For example, lets say we have a page that consists of type drop down box at the top and an ADF table at the bottom, which lists data based on the type that is select

  • ITunes CDs no longer play on commercial CD players

    I am frustrated and quite miffed with iTunes. Earlier iterations of iTunes made it simple to burn CDs of my music (when I say my music, I mean music that I composed). These CDs could play on virtually any CD player; the one in my home, the one in my

  • JInternalFrame - JEditorPane

    Hi, I want to generate some InternalFrames of the same class. This class (extends JInternalFrame) defines some SWING-stuff among others a JTextPane and an JEditorPane. If I generate one Internal Frame, everything is fine, but when I generate a second

  • Worth getting apple care for the Retina model?

    Is it worth geting apple care for the Retina models? have read they can be dodgy... Since I will have a one year warrenty could I just skip out on apple care untill a month before the warrenty expires as the warrenty will cover all my needs?jaymanjoe

  • Quarter car model

    hello,     Iam doing a project on Quarter car model. I want to develop a model using LabVIEW. I had strucked in the middle of that model making . Iam attaching the screen shots of my project. help me  to complete the project. Attachments: main block.

  • Bluetooth in car system Audi A6

    Integral bluetooth car system for an Audi A6 is not compatable with a Nokia 6233.Other Nokia models connect ok. Is it possibe to amend the Nokia bluetooth software to make it compatable. Advice appreciated.No help here but I have the same question fo

  • Sync with car interface

    I have a Ford Edge.  I can Sync the 9330.  Next time in car, won't Sync.  If I disconnect battery for a minute or less,  when I start the car, phone and car Sync quickly.  What happens when I pull the phone battery that makes it work, only once, befo

  • Another modeling and architecture question

    Hello, For some reason I still can't get my head around DocDB for more complicated relationships... An extreme example in my app is a Practice Session. A session contains many attributes and could have multiple tasks, resources, songs, play-lists, an

  • IMac internal HD is failing... any brand or model recommendations?

    I have a 24" aluminum iMac that I purchased in late 2007 (no longer has apple care). I need to get the hard drive replaced, because it's unfortunately on it's way out. It currently has a 500g internal drive, and replacing it with a HD of the same siz

  • IPod with dock connector is not getting charged with car charger and iTrip

    My iPod from 2003 with dock connector is not getting charged in my car by using the griffin iTrip with USB car charger. iTrip works, but not the charger. Maybe there´s not enough power output from the car charger? Only 5.0V with 400mA are coming out.

  • Car Charger for a 6267

    Gday I have recently purchased, and am awaiting arrival on a Nokia 6267, however I am having the devil's own time trying to find a car charger for this model. Does anyone know what other models are compatable with a 6267?DC-4 2mm should be compatible

  • Create a model for WebDynpro

    Hello everybody: I have created the navigation view for an application, with all the fields and stuff. However, I do need Database access (it's some kind of a school management system) for normal things such as login, etc. I've learned that for linki

  • Changing Phone -Changing car kit

    I have a Nokia 6310i which is installed in my car using a Nokia car kit (Model HF CARK-91). Both items have done good service. If I upgrade my phone to new Nokia model will it be necessary to wire in a whole new car kit, or will I just need a new pho

  • HP Total Care Advisor

    I have been working on this for past 15 days but I did not get any resolution for this question. That is my "HP Total Care Advisor is not working or stopped working". Is there a possible resolution apart from performing a recovery?What is the mo