OS_COMMIT_TOP_FAILED in order update

  • Sales order updation if master data is incomplition

    is there any solution for sales order updation if master dat is incomolish. Ex.we r created material master without account assingment group. while creating sales order it is showing in incomplition for gl a/c and we saved it. and we made POs on orde

  • I have purchased Adobe expert PDF and in my order update it says its available in my downloads but when I go into my downloads there is nothing there

    I have purchased Adobe expert PDF and in my order update it says its available in my downloads but when I go into my downloads there is nothing thereThat is my problem when I click the link to access my download there is no download available on my a

  • Purchase order updation without QM module

    Hi Guru We are currently using Active ingredient functionality for our product. Ideal scenario is,when we do GR of purchase order ,system will generate inspection lot & value of char (Ingredients) will be updated by posting the GR. Simultaneously,sys

  • Product Hierarchy Update on Existing Sales Order

    Hi, My company business process allows sales order to be created up up to 3 months before shipping.  Prior to shipping, material can have the Product Hierarchy changed and pricing can also be updated for the new product hierarchy value (Pricing recor

  • Function Module or BAPI to update Sales Order (delivery Block)

    Hi, Is there a Function Module or BAPI available that can update the Delivery Block for a looping Sales Order? Thanks, JohnHi, check this sample code to update delivery block.. DATA: BAPISDH1X LIKE BAPISDH1X. DATA: BAPISDH1 LIKE BAPISDH1. PARAMETERS:

  • How create sales order with respect to an idoc?

    hi ,       does any one know how to create a sales order using an idoc number ? thanks mmnHi refer below Reward if helps XI IDOC ORDERS04 create sales order update VBKD_BSARK For creating sales documents (sales order) through IDOCS you will have to u

  • Copying Control from Order to Order

    Hi Gurus, I need your help. I need to copy Order from Order Document Type on Propose Item on Order Update (VA02). When I do this, the manually inputted pricing conditions was not copied. On VTAA, I already change the value of Pricing Type from A->C,

  • DTW Template for SALES ORDERS

    Hi All,             Can anybody give me the name of the DTW template used for Sales Orders Updation.              I am Using SAP Business One 2005B version. Thanks and Regards, Sree.Sree, This is the key 1. Fill the DocEntry and LineNum columns in yo

  • Preparing order for 7 days

    Order has been processing for 7 days without being shippedHi rountreekat, Seven days is an awfully long time to wait for an order update, so I can imagine why you'd be concerned! Like you, I'd expect updates to provided in a more timely fashion and w

  • BT Infinity Order Frustration!! Still waiting for ...

    Ok, so I found out I could receive BT Infinity at the beginning of this month. I had line rental with another provider but quickly agreed to change and go for the Infinity Option 2 and Unlimited line rental package which was placed on 3rd January 201

  • Purchase order  WRT Contract

    Hi, everyone. I have created a purchase order with reference to a contract, purchase order update the field of contract, however the purchase req field is blank. How can I make the purchase requesition field in the purchase order wil be updated autom

  • Updating unit_price in PO_LINES for a Blanket Purchase Agreement

    Hello, In R11i, 'PO_CHANGE_API1_S.update_po' was the API we call to achieve the price update of blanket PO. This api in turn calls 'PO_DOCUMENT_UPDATE_GRP'. The api 'PO_DOCUMENT_UPDATE_GRP' has two overloaded procedures 'update_document'. a. 'update_

  • HELP ME!! Windows 7 32 bit bios UPDATE

    I just bought a used pc with 2gb (S) of ram and running Windows 7 x64 (at first, it running windows 8 x64). And other problems, I don't think it needed to be told... Or for more informations maybe.. But, the main problem is, I Really, really, really

  • BAPI to UPDATE Payment Terms value in CONTRACT.

    Hi All, I have to update Payment Terms value under BILLING DOCUMENT TAB of CONTRACT at ITEM LEVEL. I am using BAPI 'BAPI_CUSTOMERCONTRACT_CHANGE' but it's not updating properly...Please see below code which i was using.   LD_VBELN = '0040029839'.   L

  • Error Contract change update in CRM from R/3

    We have the following scenario: 1) Create quantity contract in R/3 2) Replicate contract to CRM 3) Create call-off order in CRM 4) Order updates contract in CRM and R/3 When we now change the contract in R/3 (change target  quantity) the inbound queu

  • Item's onorder qty is negative.

    hi experts, I saw some items in my SBO have negative OnOrder quantities. i checked inventory status report and it also shows negative OnOrder quantity, but when I double click the row number to get the detailed information, there are no any quantitie

  • Sorting of playlists

    The single thing I dislike the most about spotify is the sorting of the playlists and songs. The most important is this option: ++ You should be able to sort the playlists either (or in combination) 1. alphabetically, 2. size (number of songs) 3. mos

  • Illustrator CS6 bug

    Hello, Just installed the trial version of the new Illustrator CS6 release and what do I find... some very strange behaviour from the app. Okay so basically all is well until I try to drag or interact with any object... a wall of gray just shadows th

  • Regarding process time exceeds alert

    Hi, i need to know about how to send an email Alert if processing time exceeds the given maximum set time for example if scenario is like a user is given the following option to use for  order create order update order display suppose we have a *fixe

  • MM-PO create date

    I have a question regarding PO creation date. When i checked the PO it has a document date let's say 01.01.2011 but when i checked in table ekko-AEDAT field it has 00.00.0000. How come it's like this? And if ever, how to change EKKO-AEDAT field date