macally usb floppy not recognized

  • My ipad is not connecting the computer when i plug in, USB device not recognized pops up.  I uninstalled and reinstalled itunes without any improvement.

    I cannot get my ipad to sync with the computer, the message USB device not recognized keeps popping up. I've uninstalled and reinstalled itunes without an improvement.Do you have firewall or anti-virus software running?  If you do, it helps to turn i

  • USB device not recognized when in Win XP

    When I plug my Ipod touch into the computer via the cable, I get an error message "USB device not recognized". I've tried to delete and reload Itunes, I've reset the Ipod and reset all the original settings. I've tried several of the USB ports a

  • "USB Device Not Recognized" error when I connect iPod to my PC

    I have a brand new 5th gen (I think) iPod. I have been able to connect it successfully to my home laptop, download music to it and play it so I know the iPod works per se and the cable is ok too. Now at work (where tons of my music is) when I connect

  • HP G60-630US Notebook - Webcam is unknown device + USB device not recognized pop ups [update]

    My webcam and everything was working fine last night. I even used my webcam on the new yahoo I had installed a few days before. When I got up this morning and turned on my laptop, I kept getting pop ups every 3 minutes stating USB device not recogniz

  • USB device not recognized ... any help ?

    Hey guys, So i went to plug my iPhone 3G into my PC running Windows Vista and it comes up with the error message, "USB Device Not Recognized One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it."


    On Windows Xp, When i plug my my ipod into the usb it pop up USB DEVICE NOT RECOGNIZED. then it says "Will not connect b/c No drivers are installed for this device". What could this be? Wan even show uo in I-tunes.After searching many discussion

  • IPad I: USB Device Not Recognized

    My iPad is not recognized by my computer (USB Device Not Recognized) or iTunes.  The cable works fine and all other iPods are recognized.  I can't update my iPad or sync.  I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling/verifying other components etc...everyt

  • TS1538 iphone 4s USB device not recognized

    I've not had any issues until now.  I'm on a 64bit Windows 7 PC.  Iphone 4s. Recently transfered pictures from the phone to the pc.  After that time it will not recognize the iphone at all.  I get the error "USB device not recognized."  I follow

  • New USB Problems - USB Device Not Recognized

    I've had Ultimate x64 installed for awhile now.  It's gone through some growing pains (mostly NVIDIA-related BSOD issues) but it's usually pretty stable.  About a week ago it started having USB problems. I have a SanDisk ImageMate USB 2.0 card reader

  • Getting 'USB device not recognized' message when I never did before.

    Hi there I am constantly getting a USB device not recognized when I plug in my nano. I never got this before and as a result all it does is charge. It is not showing up in iTunes anymore so I cannot remove or dowload new songs on to my nano anymore.

  • I'm getting a message "USB Device Not Recognized" when I try to sync my iPad.  What should I do?

    I'm getting a message "USB Device Not Recognized" when I try to sync my iPad.  What do I do?Is the iPod Touch specifically stated as being compatible?  Have you tried to perfrom a hard reset of the iPod with it still connected?  To do this, pres

  • TS1369 usb device not recognized

    I can't get my Apple ipod to be recognized by my new computer.  It says "usb device not recognized".  Any ideas?Try Here  > other 2 answers

  • USB device not recognized win7 iPod Touch 1g

    My computer will not recognize my 1st Gen Ipod Touch 8gb when I plug it into my USB port. I get a message USB Device Not Recognized. I've tried everything from resetting the iPod, uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes and all other Apple related progr

  • IPhone 3G plugged into PC(Windows 7) 'USB is Not Recognized' and unable to restore; stuck on 'Connect to iTunes'

    iPhone 3G plugged into PC(Windows 7) 'USB is Not Recognized' and unable to restore; stuck on 'Connect to iTunes' I was in the process of putting another firmware for my iPhone(an .ipsw via. itunes) and the house had a power cut. The computer was in t

  • Zen Extra "USB Device Not Recognized" ??? HEL

    Hi all, I had a MPIO 20 gb MP3 player wich was stolen. No biggy, I took advantage of it and upgraded to a Nomad Jukebox Zen Extra 30gb. It look and feel nice and the navigation seems really easy. Where it gets more difficult is the "simple" plug

  • Usb device not recognized on shuffle

    i have a belkin usb 2.0 device with 2 ports. it is plugged into my ibm thinkpad laptop. the mouse works fine in both ports -as does a photo scanner. but for some reason, the ipod shuffle is not recognized - i keep getting a green blinking lite and a

  • USB Device Not Recognized (&IPOD WILL NOT TURN ON)

    I have had an iPod Shuffle G2 for 6 months now with no problems until today. It went flat when I was at my friends place so when I got back to my mums I plugged it into my laptop and it told me "USB Device Not Recognized One of the USB devices attach

  • TS1369 Hello! I have an Ipod Shuffle 2nd Generation and it is not recognized by my Windows 8 based laptop. An error message of 'USB device not recognized' is shown. I have the latest ITunes version installed, and tested the dock in other pc's.

    Hello! I have a problem connecting my Ipod Shuffle 2nd generation to my Windows 8 based laptop. The computer doesn't recognize the Ipod and issues an error message saying 'USB device not recognized'. I tried uninstaling ITunes(latest version) and all

  • 4th generation shuffle "USB Device Not Recognized"

    After a trip to the Apple Store with my iPod in which they diagnosed my iPod as being a "dud," I happily came home to plug in my new iPod, which...LOW AND BEHOLD...displayed the same issues. Here is what is happening: 1. I plug in my iPod Shuffl

  • Tecra S10 - Usb device not recognized

    Whenever I plug in usb mouse to Tecra S10-11a I get message "Usb device not recognized (or malfunctioned)". Then, after several times repetitions of plug in/plug off everything is OK. But, after every restart I must repeat plug out/plug in mouse