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  • 16 Bit Tiff Images Display Bug?

    Question 1: Is there a problem with Aperture 2.0 displaying 100 + mb 16 bit tiff images generated by a film scanner (nikon coolscan 4000 ed)? I am having trouble with my library that I migrated from Aperture 1.5. All of my images were working fine in

  • Tape synchronization at high sample rates + recording at 192 Khz 24 bit

    I was expecting at least that Apple would fix Emagix synchronization problem that occurs when Logic is slave to a tape recorder at sample rate other than 44.1 or 48Khz. Further more I do get click , pops and digital noise when I try to master @ 192Kh

  • SAP NetWeaver 7.02 SP6 64-bit Trial - VirtualBox and Remote Access

    Hi there friends. I'm wondering if what I am about to ask is possible and how to do it. 1st let me tell you about the configuration I have:      I've installed SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP 7.02 SP6 64-bit Trial inside a virtual machine on vi

  • Firefox links / icons are a little bit messed up?

    Hi All, This is what my screen looks like: >>moderator edit: Removed large image. Please read Forum Etiquette: Pasting Pictures and Code. Thanks. --fsckd<< Even though I clicked the Firefox Beta in the middle of the screen (I'm using firefox-b

  • I've installed itunes for windows 7 64-bit, but then itunes says I haven't

    I've installed itunes on my new Windows 7 64-bit computer multiple times, but every time I plug in my iphone 5 I get a message saying I need to install itunes 64-bit. I've tried all the fixes I've found online to no avail. Anyone out there able to he

  • Windows Vista - Sound Blaster 24 Bit Usb - No Microphone Playback Real Time Kara

    Hi, I don't no if this problem was just discussed in another thread, if so please giveme simply the link... I'm Italian, so sorry for my poor english or bad translation... PC: Laptop, "Toshiba Satellite A 200 24E" OS: "Windows Vista Home Pr

  • Any way to increase "bits" from 32 to 64?

    My mid 2010 iMAC meets the system specs (OSX 10.10.3) for a photo editing program but program specs say 64 bit. My MAC is a 32 bit. Would the program run on my MAC?This is the technical data sheet published Intel for the i3/i5/i7 series of processors

  • How do I notify Apple of a software failure:  in Win 7 64 bit, using Get Info function causes iTunes 10.5 to fail and exit?

    I have Win7 64 bit running iTunes 10.5. When I import a CD and click on the "Get Info" context menu item for the CD drive item on the left side of the window, the expected context menu and input boxes appear. When I type anything into any of the

  • Flash for 64 bit browsers?

    Any word on the development of Flash for 64 bit browsers? Last I saw from Adobe was a note posted over a year ago saying they were working on it. 64 bit browsers are really common now.Am bumping this; is there any support for 64-bit Windows yet? P.Re

  • Rs485 9-bit

    I'm trying to communicate with a device over RS485.  I have 3 commands possible:  GET DATA, IBIT, and IBIT TERM.  First I write and then I read.  Now my code seems to work for GET DATA and IBIT but when I issue IBIT TERM the VISA Read times out.  I'm

  • Codec that supports 16 & 32 bit per channel color?

    What Quicktime 7 built-in codecs support hi-bit 16 & 32 bits per channel?I assume you're working with image files. The Animation codec supports 16 (Millions of Colors) and 32 (MIllions of Colors+). Great, fast encoding, high quality video. Photo-JPEG

  • Nac Agent Not Working on Windows 64 Bit

                       Hi All , I have a Cisco ISE 3315 With Version 1.1.4 . We have Windows Work Station and we have some issue with Windows 7 64 Bit users !! On Some 64 Bit Workstation the nac Agent is getting about 25 Minute to start Checking the Post

  • Windows 7 Home premium 32 bits Pt-Pt

    Hi all, I'm with lot's of issues to find the windows 7 Home premium 32 bits Pt-Pt (Portuguese-Portuguese) to donwload. I have the serial key because I bought the this Windows, but meanwhile I lost the DVD. Can you please send me a link for the versio

  • Windows 7 64 bit and ODBC connect to Sql data source

    Hi Just porting a simple test form over to new laptop with windows 7 64 bit and my odbc connect strings are not working properly. They seem to work with Microsoft access, but not livecycle designer. I tried the 32 bit ODBC drivers, and at least I can

  • Store a 12-bit gray scale image

    I'm using a video camera to acquire images. This camera delivers 12-bit gray scale images so 4096 levels of grey. However, when I store these images on my HD on PNG format, the maximum value of a pixel is 256. Which is normal because the 3 colors R,

  • Elements 13 64-bit

    i have downloaded a purchased photoshop elements 13 and can't get it working as my computer is 64-bit how do i change either my computer or the purchased productDownloads available: Suites and Programs:  CC 2014 | CC | CS6 | CS5.5 | CS5 | CS4 | CS3 A

  • HT204406 how do I download higher bit rate songs from itunes match to replace the lower bit rate I have on my itunes library?

    I have itunes match and I have about 500 songs that were ripped at 128kbps. I have been tolf that I can replace them via itunes match to improve them to 256 or 320? I have put them into a playlist in my itunes library and I want to know how I can upg

  • Flash Player won't install on 64-bit XP

    I've been trying for the past hour and a half to get the latest Flash player to install on my 64-bit XP system. I download the file, open it, the file extracts, then quits. I noticed that the X64 problem has been in existence for nearly a year now, i

  • 10.5.7 now running 32-bit?!

    Hello, I always upgrade my software with the Software Updater, and recently installed the suggested 10.5.7 kernel/package. Now, my machine thinks it's 32-bit, where IIRC, the CPUs are Core 2 Duos which are 64-bit. I'm a *nix guy and so this clued me

  • MacBookPro3,1 + Snow Leopard = 32 bits.

    The MacBookPro 3,1 should be capable of running the 64 bit kernel but it's not on the list. Core2duo = 64 bit Santa Rosa chipset = 64 bit (I have 4GB and it can use it all) Yet with the 6+4 key press, the Boot.plist and nvram modifications this will