blackberryId cant be update in app world

  • Updated BB App world.... and lost all apps?

    I had to do a swap of phones last week.  Did this, and reinstalled several apps on the new phone. Finally was told had to do a BB App world update... Did this, and they are all gone now.  They are not under the Uninstalled, or Other devices tab.  HEL

  • Updating blackberry app world

    hi ya i recently tried to update my blackberry app world but all that keeps coming up is an error has occured please try again later its been like this for about 3 weeks can someone tell me what im doing wrong thanks geoffHi and Welcome to the Commun

  • Why cant i update my apps

    why cant i update my appsOne thing to check is to see if you have any items waiting to download in iTunes (on your iPhone). The most recent time I had this problem, I checked there and found 5 items that hadn't downloaded properly.  Once cleared, thi

  • HT201269 i5phone stolen and now using my old i4s but cant sync updates to apps?

    Husbands i phone stolen and now using old i4.  We both sync on the same account.   When connected to computer Apps update on mine but not on his, yet will update to ios6.4 This this user tip other 2 ans

  • I cant dowload updates of apps from Apps Store

    Everytime i try to download free app from Apps Store it pop up a message Edit Payment : Your payment method was declined. Please enter another payment method. Although i download free apps where it charges from? is there a list where i can view for w

  • Can't download or update on app world getting error 0003-0005

    Was able to download a few apps when the o's 2.0 came out. Now getting error posted above. I tried the date change workaround, that didn't work. I tried checking the blackberry id and getting the error stating that I am not connected to Wifi. I am co

  • App World software fails after upgrade

    I updated my app world software.  Now when I open the program, it says that "a BB identity upgrade is needed" and would I like to install it now.  When I click yes, it's "contacting BB ID server 0".  Then I get the error message "

  • App World Login Problems

    Hi, I'm having problems with my App World, I have a brand new phone (a week ago) of the Blackberry Curve 3G. I basically go onto App World, try to download an app, it asks me to login. When I login, it asks me to agree to terms and conditions, which

  • App World... what's wrong with it?

    For the past month I have been unable to upgrade or download anything. It keeps asking for a blackberry identity. It press ok to update it. It then loads, for a long time. I then have to restart my phone, and the same message appears. I tired to upda

  • App World Not Displaying The Categories In English

    I already had the BlackBerry App World Installed in my Curve when i purchased it and the App World was totally in English but today when i updated the App World  Unfortunately some of the words in the categories appered in different language and othe

  • APP world error 80003

    I have BB 9630 tour.After  I have installed the recent  update of app world , it shows that a blackberry indentity server need to installed. When clik ok to install it , it shows a error 80003 and message upadte of bb indentity server failed. I can't

  • My Blackbberry 9360 App World keeps saying please wait!

    I just got my phone yesterday and I tries to update my App World. When I pressed ok, It started saying please wait and wouldnt stop! I turned off my phone but it is still going! And I can't press any buttons either so I need help!do a battery pull, a

  • A notice when download app world

    Hello sir There's a notice when I start download app world 4 "Blackberry app world: research in motion " contains a module named " net_rim_bb_appworld_eula." A already exists if you proceed the existing module will be replace . Proceed

  • Cant find BlackBerry App World OR Rss Social Feeds

    Hi, I have Black Berry Bold 9700, with BB OS 5, but i have updated with BB OS 6. everything works fine, and i haven't see any error. I cannot see anything in application center, when i try to update it gives me a 404 error. Now i cant find BlackBerry

  • Help! Cant log in to BB App World -changed email and now asking for original user name associated email

    Hi I have a bold 9790. I have changed my BB app world email as I cant access that original email anymore, so changed email address, i registered it online in the bb website, when i go to update apps i try and log in to the appworld with my new email

  • Cant find my app world

    i have just got a blackberry torch 9800 and i downloaded app world and cant find it in my fone and the fone colour is normally black n blue my is white and its really funny its makin my pics very wired and cant c them proper am really confused hope s

  • Email verificati​on page down and Blackberry identity update needed for app world

    Hey! don't know if anyone can help me, but I just got a Blackberry and did the whole creating a Blackberry id etc, now when I want to confirm my email address it says that the email confirmation feature is currently unavailable? Its been like that fo

  • Cant download app world

    The version of app world on this phone said it needed upgrading before I could use it, I followed the link to the upgrade but it gave me an error message. Ive tried to google app world download & I get another error message, I have tried to download

  • App World update message

    Every day i get a message on my blackberry with the title "Blackberry App World version now available".  How can I turn tghis off so I don't get the message every day? Where is the message coming from? In your Messages list? When you op

  • I cant update in app store get error plist parsing error

    I cant update in app store get error plist parsing error how so I fix this?Apple's having trouble with the iTunes Store servers right now. Keep checking and wait for them to resolve the issue. (123941)Read o