add field in ptmw user exit

  • Updating user fields through a user exit in CO01

    Hi.. I'm new to user exits and knw there are loads of user exits for CO01, but can't find the exact one to modify the user fields.. And also, would a simple afvgd-usr00 = 'some material' work??? Tnx..Try with OSS note: 68720 Symptom The system does n

  • Add user exit to ZRGGBS000 for transaction AS02

    Hello, I have added a new form to ZRGGBS000 for updating the tax jurisdiction whenever the cost center changes on the asset master record.  In the img I cannot get the substitutions node to recognize my new form. I keep getting the message that the n

  • How to get material long text at user exit EXIT_SAPLMGMU_001

    Dear All, I need to pass some material details from SAP to legacy system once user create / edit a material. I have no problems with fields like material no, type, group etc except the long text, I can't find the long text field from the user exit (E

  • Doubt user exit

    Hi All. I need to do some validation in VL10. I found User exits and program for that User exits: V50R_USEREXIT_PREPARE. Program:  RVV50R10C How to procedure with this user exits and program. As my under standing I need take copy of program from RVV5

  • User Exit with MD01 screen

    Hi All, In MD01 screen, you can find a field called <u>'User exit Parameter</u>". The user will have 3 options to input the data into this field. 1.  The User can enter single value... ex: E01     The user exit will execute the MRP Run ba

  • User exit transfer SO changes from CRM to R3

    Dear All, I want to add enhancement by using user exit to do item changes check and to change order delivery block when Sales Order changes are transferred from CRM to R/3. According to SAP docs, the user exit is CRM_GENERIC_R3_IN , but there is no f

  • Can we add additional fields in work center creation using any user exit ?

    Hi, is there any user exit using which we can have some tab and fields such that we can add/ update the equipment to wotk center in CR01 ? regards, madhu kiranhi, requirement is can i get the additional fields like equipment and asset in the work cen

  • How to use a screen-field when applying BADI or User Exit to a T Code

    Hi Experts, I need your help on this problem. I have created a BADI for the transaction code miro. I have got the Exit name on which the enhancement has to be done. I want to perform a check on a text field (Scrren field name INVFO-SGTXT). When my br

  • User Exit for KP90 to add Company Code

    Hi Experts, I need to add company code to the selection criteria of the KP90 transaction and thereby  clear plan data by company code. Please let me know the User Exit for the same or the way i should search for one. Or shall i instead create a Z pro

  • User Exit for display User fields in MM03

    Peace to All, I was able to place user fields in Purchase View of MM03. Question , how do I pull data from ZMARA table  of my master data so that I can display it on MM03. I will appreciate your help on this. Does anyone has a sample program to do so

  • User exit to check the consistency of filled fields before saving

    Hi, I am looking for a User Exit which can be executed when a user click on "Save" button. In this User Exit, I would like to implement some controls to check the consistency of filled fields. I have an example to better understand : I work on t

  • User Exit to add line item in Purchase Order

    Hi SAP Gurus, Can any body tell me which user exit is used to add the line items in Purchase Order. I want to link the Packaging material (material type - VERP) to the header material (Material type - FERT) in PO for order type NB or UB. Because our

  • User exit MM06E005 - Customer fields in purchasing document

    Hi, I am using user exit MM06E005 - Customer fields in purchasing document to validate the line items in PO and display the value at header level. My requirement is when the user enters the line items and press enter the validated value should get po

  • Updating custom field in table EKKO within user exit when PO is saved

    I am trying to update a custom field in table EKKO when a PO is saved.  I am using FM EXIT_SAPMM06E_013, within enhancement MM06E005.  Since EKKO is not a table that can be updated with this user exit, I am using a technic that I read about on SDN wh

  • User Exit for TCode CJ20N to populate Project system user fields

    Hi team, need one support from your side.. I am looking for User Exit for TCode CJ20N to populate Project system user fields on SAVE. I have found Enhancement        CNEX0001 Short text         PS: User field which is exactly suiting my it h

  • User-Exit or BADI for USER FIELD in C201 or C202

    Dear Experts, SAP has made provision of USER FIELDs in C201 / C202 (Create/Change Master Recipe: Operation), which is saved in PLPO table. By applying logic, for each operation I want to create a Phantom part and update values in this user fields at

  • Is there any user exit for changing V1 field value?

    Hello Expert, Is there any user exit for changing V1 update value? For example, sales order number will populate 2LIS_11_VAHDR-VBELN. If other value need to populate 2LIS_11_VAHDR-VBELN, can we use any user exit to customize the V1 routine? Please fo

  • Add duplicate check on MIRO and MIR7 by modfying a user exit

    Hi ABAP / SAP Gurus, Good day! For transaction code MIRO and MIR7, I need to add a check if there are invoice with the same details of VENDOR, CURRENCY, DOCUMENT DATE and AMOUNT on table RBKP. And If there are same invoice, a warning message should b

  • User exit for field BEDNR in transaction ME22N

    Hi experts ,                      i want to use a search help for the field BEDNR in transaction ME22N . Is there any user-exit or badi available . This field is in the PO header table. if any more clarification required please inform meThanks for po

  • Is it have some User exits for Vendor master  trigger when click some field

    Dear Experts,      I would like to know Is it have User exit for Vendor master  trigger when click some field in Vendor master? not just User exit for Prior Save . Please kindly let me know some solution for this case.      Many thank.Hi, check may t