Leopard Is Crashing-On almost EVERY program including System Preffs!

I had posted this in the Tiger forum at first but now it is here . Sorry for the inconvenience.
I installed leopard about a day ago and ever since all I have had is problems, problems, and more problems....
My Computer Specs:
Processor: 1.25 GHz PowerPC G4
Memory: 512 MB
Type: Mac Mini
First when I installed it the start up window (That pops up after the installation) crashed. This I didn't bother about to much, thought that my computer may have been slow or something.
But then after I installed the updates (The Itunes 7.5 and such) and restarted I opened "System Preferences" I went to "Spaces" and it crashed. (I mean that System Preferences Crashed).
Ever since then this has happened about 5 more times.
Then Yesterday and today, I tried opening "Dashcode" this has also crashed about 5 times.
The following programs have also crashed:
Microsoft Word -About one time it crashed the computer when I was trying to choose a printer.
Skype-2-3 times, mainly when I try to quit or hang up
Safari-I think it quit once
Time Machine-Froze my computer.....
Also, I have Photoshop Elements and Appleworks, both of these no longer work and crash on opening.
Please help!
Thank you.


This forum and other sites are full of information that details what works, what doesn't, what soon will, and what never will.
Open and run Activity Monitor (in your Utilities folder), it will show you how far you can push the issue, and that will be directly related to the amount of installed RAM.

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