Fact table mapping/loading

I am new to OWB and trying to use OWB 9.0.4 to create a star schema on a oracle 9.2 DB. Using OWB client, I successfuly created dims and a fact table on the target DB. But I got stuck with how to use OWB to map the fact table with dims and source tables, and using OWB to generate SQL loading scripts which contains PL/SQL statement shown below:
insert into "fact_table" ("fact_count") ( select count(*) from target_table where dim1='dime_value1' and dim2='dim2_value2');
here dim1 and dim2 are the dims assocated with the fact table and they are also mapped to the corresponding target table columns.


source table -> aggregator -> target
As input into the aggregator, you specify dim1, dim2 and any numeric value. If you do not have one, use a numeric constant such as 1. In the aggregator, you specify dim1, dim2 as the group by clause (operator properties). You then add a numeric output attribute (edit function), and go to the attribute properties. As a function, specify count from the numeric input attribute.
That would load your measure.
Cube function is not currently supported in the mapping editor, but you could include that in a materialized view that is based on the table.

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