Computer Crash - Can I re-download?

I recently purchased/downloaded a full season of a tv program but didn't have it all on my iPod... I just keep a few episodes there at a time. Of course... My computer's hard drive just crashed. Is there a way to re-download my purchases from iTunes or am I out $40?


Hello, Ozzie108.
Sorry to hear about your unfortunate circumstances.
Apple's policy is clear: iTS purchases can be downloaded only once. It is your responsibility to make back-ups . (For most people, this will involve either CD's/DVD's or an external drive .)
That being said, at their discretion they have made one-time exceptions to this policy. You can ask for an exception by submitting the form on this page:
Good Luck! But whatever the response from Apple, remember:
Your music/videos are valuable - please back them up!
If you want to get a bit of a "bigger picture" on back-ups, you might want to make yourself a cup of tea and have a look at this article on the PC World web site and this Microsoft support page .

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