Can Terminal fix this?

I hope everyone viewing this is somewhat familiar with the App Terminal, found in Apps>Utilities.
I have a webserver enabled with php, and somehow, after setting up the port forwarding and domain hosting, other people still cannot view my documents stored in my webserver. The port checkers can see port 80 on my IP, though...
I think that there is a problem with my WebServer. Whenever I stick a document in my WebServer, located in Library>WebServer>Documents, I have to type in my password, or authenticate it.
Is there a way, using terminal, to stop making this folder private and for it to stop asking me for my password. Before I installed and uninstalled iTools, I didn't have to type in my password.
**For all of you terminal developers, can you give me a command for my computer not to prompt me for my password when I put a file into LIBRARY || WEBSERVER || DOCUMENTS??**


brilliant, please set "solved" the topic.

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