Beware of punctuation in Folio Numbers

We published a new folio today into an existing app that contains 4 other folios. But for some reason, in this new folio, social sharing no longer worked. DPS wasn't generating a long URL such as " name/accountID/folio name/article name". Instead it just generated the "redirect URL" specified in Account Administration.
Well, it turns out that we had changed our numbering system for Folios. So in the Folio Number column in Folio Producer: Organizer, we entered "Vol. 2, No. 1" for the Folio Number. As soon as I went back and changed the Folio Number to "Volume 2 Number 1" (no commas or periods), and updated the folio, social sharing began working with the proper url.
So, FYI, it appears that either commas or periods in the Folio Number cause problems with social sharing. Beware.


Periods in the folio number will not cause an issue with sharing. We've tested this case succesfully. What is more likely the case is that when you tried sharing, the new foilio you published hadn't completed the content explosion process for the Web Viewer access -- this would cause you to be redirected. In the second case when you removed the periods from the folio number, the content explosion process was very qucik as therewas only one change to update.
To help verify and make sure there isn't a different issue you might be encountering, try adding the periods back into your folio number and try sharing again. Also, for our investigation purposes, can you let me know which viewer version you're using for your App?

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