Acrobat Toolbars gone haywire

It seems my Acrobat toolbars in Word have developed a life of their own.
the acrobat and the acrobat and acrobat meeting (never saw this one before) toolbars appear below my other toolbars everytime I bring a word window to the front.
I can go into the menu and turn both of them off, click to another word menu and when I click back on the first window the toolbars are right back where they were to begin with.
I've tried moving them off to the right of the standard word toolbar, but when I click back to the window they move back to the bottom of the toolbars - taking up valuable real estate in my window.
any ideas?


Try these...
If you are missing the PDF option in MS Office 2007, you may
download a plug-in from MS to create a PDF without Acrobat, go
to the MS article search page and do a search, or go to the MS
Office update page and search for the file to download
General Acrobat Problem Steps
If you are having problems creating a PDF, there are two steps you should do FIRST
Go to the appropriate vendor web site and apply all updates to the program you are using (several recent messages have concerned problems with MS Office conversion, with the response that different versions of Office have different BUGS that must be fixed by a download from Microsoft - and MS Office products are not the only ones which may, from time to time, need to be updated to work properly)
Apply all updates IN NUMBER ORDER
Acrobat Update

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